Tachograph & Vehicle Spec Plating

We fit Siemens and Stoneridge tachograph devices for drivers

Tachographs & Spec Plating

Duffy Commercials Ltd is a NSAI approved tachograph centre offering competitive prices for fitting and calibrating digital tachographs and analogue tachographs.

Tachographs became mandatory in the EU in 2006 and must be fitted to all buses and trucks. Tachographs record the amount of time drivers spend driving and resting, as well as capturing data about the vehicle.

We specialise in the installation of Siemens and Stoneridge tachograph devices for drivers who are required to record their driving times, breaks and rest periods. Other metrics such as vehicle speed and distance travelled are also measured.

Our team also offer spec plating for goods vehicles, trailers, buses and coaches, where we assign the correct weights to a particular vehicle and inscribe this information onto the authorisation plate.

Rules governing the applicable weights and dimensions for any given vehicle are set down in EU and national legislation.

Arrange a fitting service for digital tachographs or analogue tachographs with Duffy Commercials Ltd

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is a tachograph card?

    This card stores all relevant driver data required for EU Drivers' Hours regulations including break and rest times. Drivers must ensure their tachographs and tachograph card work properly at all times.

  • Can I fit an authorisation plate or manufacturer’s plate myself?

    No. Only an authorised distributor, such as Duffy Commercials Ltd, can fit authorisation plates or manufacturer’s plates. Contact us to learn more about this service.